Friday, April 17, 2009

Pet Social Site - & Dogpile Have a History of Helping Pets

I noticed a comment yesterday (my first) on my Ellen post regarding a new social site for dog lovers called

A lot of bloggers don't give praise or interact with their audience in posts very often and I wanted to make a point that I'm listening and that others contributing to this site will be heard. So I decided to look into this one for fun and the site actually looks pretty cool.

There's cool groups for all pet breeds and you can start your own as well. LOTS of cute puppy pics and interesting characters from all around the US - but that's not why I'm posting this.

After doing a little research, I noticed the site was owned by the same people that own (a search engine) and the character "Arfie" is actually a spin off of the site.

If you look around, Dogpile is well known for helping out pet charites, donating over $200,000 to the ASPCA this year alone and more last year. I've reached out to customer service for My.Arfie & Dogpile and I'm trying to figure out what their plans are for helping pets in this tough economy.

Once I hear back, I'll be sure to keep my followers in the know as if we can help dogs and other pets in need without pulling cash out of our own pocket - we should be.

Check out the sites for yourself - &

Have a great weekend!!!!

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